2006-2016 and the journey continues …

At the threshold of 10 years of ISTOSCH DATA WEB CENTER from the Autumn of 2015 and throughout 2016 begins a series of events, surprises and promotions aimed at better acquaintance with the public, members, friends and customers which were planned a year in advance … the istosch data & web center begins a difficult task, initially integrated platform design of the action, since the late summer of 2014 and a year half created an integrated platform that includes a series of things. as a start the final preparation delimited 21st / 10/2015, with a view to the end of 2016 the «preparation center and data entry», the «iT & Internet services» and «trade and information material repairs» ISTOSCH be done better and closer to the demands and needs. The istosch data & web center, a business group will hold a series of events & events bringing nearer the world with the object of its activities, starting with the presentation of the new web-shop on 10.21.2015 and upgrade all websites of in total last this site on 12/15/2016. From here they will be notified by the program that later will result in events, benefits, surprises and promotions in order to better acquaintance with the public, members, friends and customers …
The istosch data & web center thank you most warmly for the hitherto ten years your support and promise you that we will continue as initiated under the adverse conditions of the economic crisis and will continue with all its strength for the best possible trip hopes to continue and always in the future with your help and support.

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