11 years of istosch data &web center

The istosch data & web center on 31/3/2017 had a birthday celebrating its 11 years of operation, with pride and optimism overlooking the future.
More than 2,500,000 visits within a year, our continued development of technological innovations, our participation in a portal of analysis and artistic content, the new pages we have undertaken to design, construct and deliver, together with the decisions We have taken a year for the future of our corporate behavior make us very strong and happy about our offer in the modern era.
Soon we will announce the venue and time of seminars and meetings with our audience and our new friends to celebrate our 11 years of presence in the world of technology and the effort to connect it with the future.
10 years goes to eleven and more. Our slogan & thank you from heart !!!
                                                                             Chania city 3/4/2017 istosch data & web center.


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