Collaboration with Radio Collectiva Team

We are pleased to announce our new partnership with Radio Collectiva Team.
After many attempts and debates that began at the beginning of January 2016 and with our formal first collaboration on Thursday 18/1/2018 in terms of using the Radio Collectiva Team’s articles.
In view of the twelve years of both, from 23 January 2018, where the discussions were completed, with the ratification of our permanent cooperation in the field of the articles, including the copyrights that now belong to the two co-operating parties, each and every article we republish belongs to and to us as a right to use without any other license.
From today, every article in the Radio Collectiva Team weblog and portal, that is, in the following, (, http: //, http: // photocollectiva /,,,, it may also be officially reprinted from Our own blogs and our portal, at our choice, with equal copyright for both. Our collaboration will be completed in November 2018 with the final merger through our absorption by us on 20/11/2018 and which in fact will not even mean the Radio Collectiva Team, which will be able to continue producing its own articles in the old site auonomously again as Radio Collective Team
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